Empresa dedicada a la venta de carne de cordero, ternera y cabrito, comercializamos canales, hacemos despiece y corte.

Lunes - Sábado 8:00 - 17:30 Poligon industrial can verdalet, Carrer D, 114, 08490 Tordera, Barcelona + (34) 931 28 10 58 [email protected]


Sausage Making at Tordixai: Tradition, Innovation, and FlavorAt Tordixai, sausage making is an art that blends tradition with innovation to create unmatched flavor products. From ancestral methods to the most modern techniques, every step in the manufacturing process is carried

Distribution and Delivery at Tordixai: Bringing Carnic Excellence to Your Doorstep At Tordixai, the distribution and delivery of meat products is a meticulous process designed to ensure maximum freshness and quality in every order. From the company's facilities to the customer's

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