Empresa dedicada a la venta de carne de cordero, ternera y cabrito, comercializamos canales, hacemos despiece y corte.

Lunes - Sábado 8:00 - 17:30 Poligon industrial can verdalet, Carrer D, 114, 08490 Tordera, Barcelona + (34) 931 28 10 58 [email protected]

About us

"Tordixai S.L. is a company dedicated to the sale of lamb, veal, and kid meat sourced from nearby farms. With over 3 generations of experience in sheep meat production, our commitment is to meet the needs of our customers and comply with the demands of a society that is advancing towards a healthier lifestyle."

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Tordixai's veal promises an exceptional gastronomic experience, with tender and juicy meat that will captivate your palate on every occasion.


Tordixai's lamb meat offers an unparalleled culinary experience, with guaranteed quality in every bite.


"Explore the exquisite Goatling meat at Tordixai, where we blend freshness and quality to offer you an unparalleled culinary experience."


Proceso completo

"The complete process"

Freshness / quality

Cutting and Packaging

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Sausage Making

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Polígono industrial can verdalet, Calle D, 114, 08490 Tordera, Barcelona

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +34 931 28 10 58

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Live Sales

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What do they say about us?

What do they say about us?
Supermarket Manager

Laura García

The quality of Tordixai is exceptional. The lamb and veal are delicious. Their slaughterhouse and farm guarantee freshness and animal welfare. Recommended!

Responsable de una carnicería

Carlos Fernández

Tordixai is synonymous with quality. The selection of lamb and veal is exceptional. Own farm and slaughterhouse. Meat lovers, give it a try!

Meat Company

Ana Pérez

I discovered Tordixai and I don't buy anywhere else. Delicious lamb and veal. Own farm and slaughterhouse. I can't recommend them enough!

Professional Chef

Manuel López

Tordixai is my choice. Exceptional lamb and veal. Own farm and slaughterhouse provide freshness and traceability. Excellent work!

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