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Cutting and Packaging

Cutting and Packaging at Tordixai: The Art of Meat Preparation

At Tordixai, the process of cutting and packaging is a crucial stage in creating superior quality meat products. From the arrival of fresh meat to its final presentation, each step is carried out with precision and care to ensure freshness and food safety. This article delves into the art of cutting and packaging at Tordixai, highlighting the dedication and mastery required in this process.

Cutting: Transforming Meat into Precise Cuts

Cutting is the first step in the meat preparation process at Tordixai. It is carried out by expert butchers who master the art of animal anatomy and know the appropriate techniques to obtain precise and high-quality cuts.

Each piece of meat is carefully and skillfully broken down, following the natural contours of the animal. The most suitable cuts for each type of meat are selected, ensuring maximum utilization and uniform quality in each portion.

Packaging: Preserving Freshness and Quality

Once the meat has been cut, it moves on to the packaging process at Tordixai. Here, advanced technologies and vacuum packaging techniques are used to preserve the freshness and quality of the final product.

Each portion of meat is placed in airtight containers that protect against contamination and oxidation. This vacuum packaging method ensures that the meat retains its freshness and flavor for longer, extending its shelf life and guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience for the end consumer.

Excellence in Every Presentation

At Tordixai, cutting and packaging are more than just processes; they are art forms that reflect the company’s commitment to quality and excellence. Each meat cut and each packaged package is the result of the dedication and mastery of a team of professionals passionate about their work.

From the most traditional cuts to the most innovative presentations, every detail is taken care of at Tordixai to offer customers the highest quality meat products. Whether at a butcher’s counter or on the table of a luxury restaurant, Tordixai’s cut and packaged meat always stands out for its unmatched freshness, flavor, and quality.

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