Empresa dedicada a la venta de carne de cordero, ternera y cabrito, comercializamos canales, hacemos despiece y corte.

Lunes - Sábado 8:00 - 17:30 Poligon industrial can verdalet, Carrer D, 114, 08490 Tordera, Barcelona + (34) 931 28 10 58 [email protected]



Tordixai S.L.

Experts in Quality Meat

About Us

Tordixai S.L. is a company dedicated to the sale of lamb, veal, and kid meat sourced from local farms. With over 3 generations of experience in sheep meat production, our commitment is to meet the needs of our customers and fulfill the demands of a society moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

We strive to maintain exhaustive control over the quality of our meat, from the farm to the table. We work with pre-selected breeds and appropriate fattening practices to ensure a product of the highest quality. We constantly innovate in animal feeding to improve the flavor, texture, and durability of our meat.

Production Process

Once the animals reach the appropriate weight, they are transported to the slaughterhouse where they are slaughtered following strict current regulations on animal welfare. We offer a variety of sales formats, from whole carcasses to lamb products, ensuring options for all tastes and needs.

Quality Control and Food Safety

At Tordixai S.L., we are committed to having systems that identify and control hazards that may affect the food safety of the meat. We implement a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system to ensure the safety of our products.

Halal Certification

To meet the needs of our customers and open up new markets, we have opted for halal certification. This ensures the Muslim community that our product meets the quality standards required by Islamic law.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate commitment is to ensure total customer satisfaction. We meet established deadlines and attend to their needs and requirements, thus minimizing complaints and becoming differential suppliers in the market.



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