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Tordixai S.L

Upbringing and Slaughter

Upbringing and Slaughter at Tordixai: A Glimpse into Carnic Excellence

In the heart of Catalonia, in the picturesque town of Tordera, lies Tordixai, a meat company that has perfected the art of animal upbringing and slaughter. Since its foundation, Tordixai has been committed to excellence at every stage of the process, from responsible upbringing to humane slaughter. This article explores the delicate balance between ethical upbringing and the quality of the final product at Tordixai.

Responsible Upbringing: The Foundation of Excellence

At Tordixai, responsible upbringing is fundamental. From the moment the animals are born, they are provided with individualized care and attention. The facilities are designed to ensure the animals’ well-being, with spacious and comfortable spaces that allow for free movement and natural behavior.

Feeding is another crucial aspect of upbringing at Tordixai. Ingredients are carefully selected to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet. The animals are fed a mixture of cereals, legumes, and proteins, ensuring healthy growth and optimal meat quality.

Humane Slaughter: Respect until the End

Animal slaughter is a delicate process at Tordixai, where respect and humanity are paramount. Strict protocols are followed to ensure the animals’ well-being during this crucial step. Trained staff carry out the slaughter quickly and without suffering, minimizing stress and pain.

Tordixai complies with all current regulations and regulations regarding animal welfare and food safety. Regular inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with these standards, ensuring the quality and safety of the meat produced.

Excellence in Every Bite

Tordixai’s commitment to ethical upbringing and humane slaughter is reflected in the incomparable quality of its meat products. Every bite of Tordixai’s meat is the result of years of experience, dedication, and passion for offering the best to its customers.

At Tordixai, excellence is not just a goal, it is a commitment. From upbringing to slaughter, every step of the process is carried out with meticulousness and attention to detail. The end result is superior quality meat, which delights palates and respects ethical principles.

In summary, at Tordixai, upbringing and slaughter go hand in hand with excellence. It is a place where respect for animals and the quality of the final product are at the heart of everything they do.

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